How to contact me

Twitter: @SugarCube

E-mail: jessica [at] jessicahickok [dot] com
(#seriously, I have to write it that way or the robots will scrape it and I will be on every spam list possible)
(#seriously, the profile is locked down, but messaging still works. And I am not posting my cell number online.)

Old School: via phone. Call my office (405) 848-9944. That number is already all over the internet.

What I Do

Prior to taking the job as the CEO of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® in December 2016, I was the Association Executive for the local Greater Springfield Board of REALTORS® and and General Manager for the Southern Missouri Regional MLS based in Springfield for four years. I don’t do what I do, because I am a recovering REALTOR® broker, after 14 years.  It’s because I actually like what I do and I have a quirky passion for the organization.

What I Call “Accomplishments”

A long time ago, I was a REALTOR® and property manager.  Yeah, I have some good stories loaded with sarcasm. That slumlord taught me everything I know about real estate and I am more than thankful for the experience. I call him slumlord jokingly, of course.

I was one of Springfield Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” recipients in 2011.

I spoke about residential property management at the Annual Conference for the National Association of REALTORS® each year from 2009 through 2012.

In 2008, I started the local chapter of JDRF Ozarks.  (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  I am a Type 1 diabetic (juvenile, brittle, attach-whatever-obsolete-term-you-want-here) on an insulin pump and JDRF has my heart.  Now under the Springfield chapter is under the direction of amazing staff, the local non-profit raises almost a half million dollars each year for Type 1 diabetes research.  One day a cure will come.

I once had a vision to design my own shoe line.  I actually have five prototypes already designed and ready to be manufactured.  Maybe one day.

I am a girl geek who likes to design websites, develop apps and talk tech.  But I am self taught and only know enough to be dangerous.

At the end of the 2016, my family and I moved to Oklahoma City, because I accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®, a 10,000+ member association that focuses on cool projects like advocacy, government affairs, professional development, and education… just to name a few things.


This website and blog posts are personal opinions and thoughts.  Although I talk about my work A LOT, the views and opinions expressed on this web site are not those of my employment.

Oh and I am not a doctor either.  So don’t take anything I say as medical advice.