Lobbying For Lobbyists

In light of recent breakups (we say that jokingly), we have begun planning for next year and particularly the next Oklahoma Legislative Session.

OAR is on the hunt for a new contract lobbyist.

While we believe we have identified the best of the best, we are seeking the ultimate top runner to advocate for the rights of property ownership. E-mails have gone out to this A-List group of people, but we may have missed one or two (inadvertently). Possibly sounding too much like a REALTOR®, I pose the question:

“Do you, or someone you know, want to buy a house apply to lobby on our our behalf?”

Requests For Proposals are now being accepted until July 1, 2017. Click here to download a PDF of the RFP, ASAP. 🙂

The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® is seeking a contract lobbyist, skilled in carrying out the mission of the REALTORS®.
Request for proposals from interested parties is open until July 1, 2017.
Scope of the work: 

Advocate on the behalf of 10,000+ members of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (“OAR”), pursuant to contract, to advance the mission and public policy agenda that is set forth by staff and members. Be willing to participate in meetings of the OAR Government Affairs Committee and assist in lining out strategy.


Job requirements:
  • Have strong network connections with those serving in the Oklahoma Legislature.
  • A solid background in political affairs, and/or bachelor’s degree in political science (or equivalent)
  • Be located in Oklahoma City, or have the ability to be present at the Capitol on short notice.
  • Be willing to advise and assist on issues related to legislative, administrative, legal and regulatory that are of interest to OAR.
  • Disclosure of any potential conflicts between your current client list and OAR’s priorities.
  • The ability to openly discuss contributions, and provide input to trustees, for potential candidates.

Please submit the following to Jessica Hickok, CEO no later than July 1, 2017:

  1. Resume and three references
  2. List of both current and past clients (within past 5 years) and short/brief description of type of lobbying work performed for each group.
  3. Desired contract terms (i.e.; term length, responsibilities, compensation)
  4. A statement of current relationships formed with current elected officials.
  5. A brief description on your plan to help OAR continue to build clout at the Capitol with the legislators.
All submissions should be sent to Jessica Hickok, via email to jmh@okrealtors.com, with the subject line: Contract Lobbyist RFP.
While Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® is an equal opportunity employer, and will consider all RFP submissions, any finalized agreement will be pursuant to a contract and lobbyist will not be an employee of OAR.

The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® prides itself on being Oklahoma’s voice of real estate, serving over 10,500 REALTOR® members throughout the Sooner state. We connect real estate professionals by providing comprehensive professional resources, maintaining the highest ethical standards and giving REALTORS® a unified voice in shaping Oklahoma real estate property laws and regulations.