Nervous Twitch

Apparently I mess with my bangs when I get excited.

In being completely honest and real in this blog, I was nervous giving my report in yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting, but yet excited at the same time. We have already completed so many of our goals in just the short five months that I have been here, that sometimes it doesn’t seem possible to have already got this much done.

The OAR Executive Committee is a really strong group of leaders who are not quite used to the transparent style of leadership that I provide… but yet they seem to like it, so we will keep it going. Each meeting I give a report that is really raw view of what is going on. Sometimes it’s not so pretty, because like every association out there, there are issues. However, I try to follow up with the plan of how to handle those issues and get the feedback that I need.

This week’s report hit these highlights. Based of their titles alone, surely you can see that we have a lot on the radar. I am happy to report further on this, if any of our members want more details on the status of these projects.

1. Pro Standards Update
– CasePro is live

2. Midyear Recap
– Be sure to turn in your travel reimbursement reports
– Survey results are good

3. Nominating Ballots to locals
– District VPs
– Future leadership

4. Government Affairs – setting legislative priorities
– RFP for contract lobbyists, the plan

5. OREC Commissioners

6. June 29, 2017 BOD Preparations

7. Next Executive Committee Meeting

At least one person thinks I am “amazing.” Thanks Axay, for the props in the above Facebook tag. You made my day. (Although you do keep catching me in weird moments!)